CGI VFX Spot 1080p HD: “Odyssey” by - Digital District

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His Fucking Sound (Squarepusher mix) by Vlr on Mixcloud

The 8 Brooklyn Record Labels Most Likely to Sign Your New Favorite Band

Cold Life

A calligraphic series of brush strokes modelled in virtual 3D space forms the character 生 (Japanese/Mandarin for ‘life’) which then metamorphoses into a tree. As time passes, various life forms begin emanating and growing from within the tree.

In computer graphics, and similarly in this digital work, wireframe models with abstract and high levels of data are rendered into 3D objects. When the facades of these computer-generated images are peeled off, their mesh-like structures are revealed underneath. As expressed via the intricacies of this work, teamLab exemplifies 3D rendering in its stripped-down state while maintaining a highly complex and elaborate construction.

This art work is Ultra HD, four times the resolution of FHD (Full High Definition). The high resolution allows for the expression of the extremely intricate detail of the work.

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Submerged Turntable by Evan Holm


chemical reaction

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The Waterfall on Audi R8


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